Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review


Post image for Razor E300 Electric Scooter ReviewFun in toys is not and should not only be limited for children. Living in a world wherein stress is a natural cause in our very own hectic lives, toys are good mediums for recreational activities that will make people forget even just for the teensiest moments that they have tasks to do. Razor’s E300 Electric Scooter does just that.

Razor E300 Scooters are scooters that are fit for people from ages 13 and up. They have high torque motors that run up to 15 miles per hour. To ensure balance, safety and top performance, the rider should be 220lbs. at maximum. These scooters are powered by electricity consisting 2 pieces of 12 Volts of sealed lead acid battery system making them have a sum of 24 Volts each scooter. They only need a maximum of 12 hours of charging to achieve their full performance.

They are engineered to fit riders of various sizes by designing it with a really wide deck. They have a twist grip type acceleration control to make it easy for riders to drive it. These scooters also consist of 10” pneumatic tires to ensure safety by giving the ride more tolerance to shocks when driven. These scooters have the average of 45 minutes duration for a continuous drive giving the rider just the adequate amount of time to stroll down places and have fun.

While noise is a major factor in motor type of toys for most parents and neighbors, Razor® E300 Scooters consider such concern which is why these scooters made by Razor are only using a single chain drive motor that enable them to be driven around quietly making them  neighbor friendly outdoor toys. Riders would not have to worry about being reprimanded by neighbors for disturbing the peace and instead just concentrate on having fun.

Another advantage with riding these scooters is that they are powered by electricity. This means that they do not contribute to air pollution making them very ideal to use for they do not only specifically prevent adding to the neighborhood’s air pollution’s concerns but the world’s as well. The safely sealed lead acid batteries should not pose concern because they are designed to stay fully compact so that chemicals would not come out from them assuring safety for the riders, the household and the environment. It is advised that these batteries, if needed to be disposed, should be done so properly.

Razor® E300 Scooters are engineered to be safe but it is still advised that riders should do precautionary measures to give more safety should unexpected events occur. Wearing helmets, knee and shoulder pads are recommended to the riders. The twist grip throttle provides the riders more discretion in regards to controlling the acceleration preventing unwanted accidents from occurring, should there be any. These scooters have the right acceleration to neither be too slow nor too fast. They have just the right speed to enjoy the ride and get to places at an adequate time while keeping the riders safe from vehicular accidents. The scooters include the batteries, battery charger and other tools when purchased.

In general, a Razor® E300 Scooter is a good choice for young adults or adults who love to go around sightseeing along neighboring places for leisure. Factors such as safety, performance and social ethics, acknowledging the neighbor’s rights for a sound and peaceful neighborhood for example, are understood by Razor® and are thus provided by their products. Razor® stands on the belief that toys are meant for all age groups which is why it tries its best to cater people from all ages who seek to have fun.

Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike

Post image for Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike Review – The New Fitness InnovationIf you are planning to get your life back to a healthier track, then performing exercise regimens on a regular basis is what you need to do. In doing the basic exercises, a stationary bicycle is one of the easiest equipment to use. Other than that, this exercise equipment offers the most effective cardiovascular and aerobic benefits while riding it at the safety and comfort of your home.Exercise bikes are considered as one of the most useful and popular invention for home fitness exercise. Most manufacturers or inventors always improved this type of exercise equipment to maintain its outstanding reputation of being the new fitness innovation every year.Like the original Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike, which is today’s hot topic among customers, is a new innovation because of its highly developed additional features compared to Schwinn’s previous models. This product is now considered as the most advanced and convenient exercise machine that is perfect for someone like you who wants to perform their exercise routines at home.

About this Product

The Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike is an innovative high-tech invention by Schwinn that caused big changes on how exercises are done in today’s generation. With the great improvement of this exercise bicycle compared to conventional stationary bicycle, users like you will enjoy all the benefits that this exercise equipment can provide. In addition to that, you will achieve more development from your routine exercises with the use of this excellent tool.

The features of this electric bicycle are proudly claimed by Schwinn and have been proven true by many customers who have purchased and used this product. Having a 20 lbs. flywheel, 16 resistance levels with the Eddy Current Brake resistance system, and 17 work-out programs are some of the main features of this upright bike enjoyed by those who are serious in getting fit.

This product’s workout programs contain custom workouts with 2 profiles, target heart rate, and 8 course profiles which will allow you to achieve full cardiovascular and aerobic benefits. Plus, with its contact heart rate and telemetry, you can easily monitor your heart rate system and your daily progress.

This upright exercise bike also has a remarkable and unique designs starting from its huge and ergonomic pedal up to its handlebars, adjustable console, and extra-wide seat that can accommodate oversized person weighing 300 pounds. In addition to this, you will have a consistent, smooth, and solid workout thanks to its perimeter weighed flywheel, built-in levelers, and huge stabilizers.

All of these revolutionary features and designs will provide you the complete benefits of biofit comfort, bioconnect feedback, and biodyne performance while using the Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike in order to achieve your goal of becoming physically fit and healthy. Plus, you will have a 1 year warranty on its electronic, 10 years on its frame, and 2 years on its parts directly from its manufacturer.

Price and Source

For an affordable price of $349.00, you can already have this remarkable product at Amazon. If you will purchase this exercise equipment in this genuine site, you will be able to save about $150.00 since it is offered in a much higher price in department stores. Plus, the Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike will be delivered directly to your doorstep for free with the Super Saver Shipping.

Upon receiving your Schwinn exercise bike from Amazon, you will surely love the modern design and high-tech equipment that go along with it. Also, you are assured that you will receive the whole package as soon as possible and without any kinds of problem upon purchasing it.

To Sum Up

The Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike is a must have exercise and fitness equipment. It has a great design of both indoors and outdoors but mostly used by its users in their homes. You should not let this opportunity passed to have an innovative invention that has brought big changes and benefits to anyone who has used this product.

You do not have to think twice in purchasing this remarkable equipment because many people have already proven its high efficiency, competence, and convenience.

Best Laptops for College Students? – 5 Critical Points You Should Look Into

back to schoolAll year round you will see stores offering various back to school deals. You can see several laptop offers everywhere you turn. This is showing an indication that modern technology has set aside the usual school things such as pens and notebooks.

Electronic laptops and notebooks are sprouting around the campus nowadays. This powerful device which is also very portable has now become the best partner for the college students. A lot of college students have been benefited of its applications aside from its convenience. If you are a college student, having a laptop is very important.

However, you cannot simply jump in and pick the first laptop you see in stores. You have to think of some critical points before you buy one. Perhaps you already have one choice in mind but you need to know first some points to make the right decision.


Here are 5 critical points that you should look into when buying the best laptops for college students:

1. Portability and Low Cost

You can find various laptop models displayed in different computer stores. The latest models are getting smaller, more affordable, and getting more powerful. Because of the fast technological advancement, the costs of laptops are going down while its features are increased. You will be surprised to get a very powerful device that fits in to your small budget. You must choose to buy a durable laptop with less weight and has note taking features. You can opt for the tablet version for convenient note taking for a small plus in your budget.

2. Technical Features

Most laptops of latest models perform using powerful processors like Turion X2, AMD, Intel Core Duo, Intel Celeron, and many more. You may choose AMD processor since its high performance and affordability suit best for students. Aside from its powerful performance and low cost, it is fast in the internet which is suitable for surfing and very versatile making it great for taking notes. You may choose a more powerful processor though but you have to put in more of your investment.

3. Battery Life

Most of the latest laptop models have integrated the latest polymer technology. The usual battery life nowadays can last from three to six hours for light usage. It is much better if you choose the battery with longer life. You can gather information about laptop batteries in many online reviews. You will learn their pros and cons and have a better light to choose the best battery for your laptop.

4. Connectivity for Networking

Most of the latest laptops models are capable of various connection compatibilities. Most new models have ready interface connections fir Bluetooth, Ethernet card, WiFi capability, modem, and many others. Network connection and other compatibilities are very important for students who are constantly having their research where the internet is the best resource.

5. Check the Warranty of the Product

This is one last critical element that you must consider very important. Product warranty comes with any product that we purchase therefore take a closer look at the terms and conditions as regard to the new laptop that you are about to buy. Check for the product’s authenticity and the period of warranty. Check the specific coverage during the warranty period.

It is necessary for a college student like you to own a laptop. It provides great convenience when it comes to taking notes, doing heavy research, communicating with fellow students, or even getting in touch with family and friends at home.

However, you have to consider these five points mentioned above before you purchase your own new laptop. It helps to have a proper guide so you can pick the right model suitable for you.